The sustainable development strategy of Marina Hotel contains both economic and social development, as well as environmental protection. In the area of the latter, we have established a system of waste separation, hazardous waste management, waste reduction, saving with natural resources (card systems, bike rental…), reducing the use of hazardous cleaning materials and chemicals, reducing the consumption of energy and water.

In the Hotel Marina restaurant we give priority to seasonal goods and local suppliers. All dishes are prepared according to the principle of fresh cuisine, enriched with olive oil with designation of origin from the Belvedere hill (you can read more about the production of our olive oil here).

Particular attention is paid to selection of new suppliers: priority is given to locals and those who respect nature and care for the welfare of the environment.


The Hotel Marina restaurant long time ago committed itself a long time ago to the action “kilometre zero”. From 2011 we guarantee superior quality for our guests, based on the supply of fresh ingredients of local providers.

Authenticity, culinary genius and freshness – three principles that domestic producers should take into account. Their farming is in accordance with European standards of organic or integrated production, enabling the use of seasonal ingredients in our recipes.

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