Izola, the old Mediterranean town nestles on the southwestern coast of the Gulf of Trieste, where the genuine tradition of fishing and winemaking, mystical traces of the past and the friendliness of the locals merge into an unforgettable mosaic of experiences. The lively city throbs and the romantic character of embrace welcomes you in its arms. It is said that you never forget Izola.

The turbulent history of the fishing town created beautiful architectural treasures and ancient legends that take you back in time when Izola was still an island. The Mediterranean vibe can be felt on every step; on the narrow medieval streets, gazing at the bobbing and swaying of boats in the harbour, during a relaxed chat with the locals and the aroma of the sea specialties in the company of fine wines.

In Izola you will never get bored, because throughout the year we host various sports, cultural and entertainment events, which seek inspiration in the old customs and traditions. Museums, galleries and art studios will take you to the world of Istrian arts and crafts, but if you want to experience true spiritual refreshment, take a ride on the waves of the Adriatic.

Izola’s picturesque countryside with numerous valleys and long hills is a temple of gastronomic delights, which can be discovered in a number of local restaurants and tourist farms, most with spectacular views of the Gulf of Trieste. Izola’s hinterland offers countless opportunities for walking and exploring the natural beauty of the Istrian hills, adorned with lovely stone houses and old churches. You can visit these places on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback.

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