The love for the Istrian tree – the olive – and respect for nature are the guidelines by which we grow our groves. 1,300 olive trees, planted in 1992 on an area of 5 hectares on the Belvedere hill, are harvested by hand each autumn. We transform the fruits in liquid gold only a few hours after harvesting, which ensures the best possible quality and outstanding taste of the extra virgin olive oil. No chemicals or pesticides used in any step of the cultivation!

The oil is certified as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), which is the highest form of product protection since the product must guarantee the quality and characteristic of the geographical area. All production, processing and preparation procedures must be carried out in the defined geographical area in such a way that the quality and traceability of the food or the agricultural product is ensured (Source: DOSI, https://www.dosi.si/o-olju).

Did you know that all virgin olive oils are not of the same quality? The quality of the virgin olive oil is determined by both sensory and chemical characteristics. Virgin olive oil is the only oil in which quality ranking also depends on sensory evaluation. On the basis of chemical and sensory analysis, olive oil is classified into quality classes (categories): extra virgin, virgin and lampante (unsuitable for consumption). Source: DOSI, https://www.dosi.si/o-olju

The BELVEDERE olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil that fulfills both chemical and sensory criteria!


Olive oil Belvedere 0,5 l 18,00 €

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