As we care about the health of our guests and our staff, we guarantee the highest level of compliance with the NIJZ hygiene recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Only healthy staff comes to work, we consistently disinfect common areas, reception, rooms, restaurants and toilets.

The Hotel Marina has disinfectant dispensers at the entrance, our receptionists wear protective face masks, we encourage contactless transactions, pens at the reception and the room entry card are disinfected after each use, as well as the desk, POS terminal and other common areas in the hotel. In the case of a guest staying for several days, the maid does the daily cleaning only if explicitly requested by the guest itself.

After each visit to the Restaurant, we disinfect the table and chairs, our waiters and chefs diligently take care of hand hygiene and wear protective face masks. The distance between the tables is at least 1.5 m, and the toilets are disinfected at least every hour.

But as there is no one-way success, we kindly asku you to follow the recommendations and the instructions of our staff. Among others:

  • wash or desinfect your hands on arrival and departure,
  • maintain the recommended interpersonal distance,
  • follow the staff’s instructions regarding the storage of bags and food
  • when moving and staying indoors (common areas, toilets), use a face mask or other form of protection of the oral and nasal area,
  • do not touch the face with your hands.

We believe you’ll enjoy your time with us, as we look forward to the day when the above recommendations will no longer be needed. 😊

Reservations and contacts:

Hotel Marina: +386 5 66 04 100
Hotel Marina restaurant: +386 41 605 333