Food Atelier Butul

Visit of the homestead Butul (Manžan)

A walk through a fascinatingly fragrant herb garden, tasting of top quality dishes with a local touch, seasonal and healthy food … This is homestead Butul in Manžan, where the collaboration with nature is the guiding principle. Upon your arrival at Manžan’s hill, the view spreads from the Bay of Koper, across the sea to Italy, and to the north all the way to Triglav and the Julian Alps. In the yard of the homestead Butul you can feel the mix of Mediterranean and Continental air, along with the scent of the sea and the magic of Mediterranean herbs. There you will meet with olives and olive oil, with new approaches and modern techniques.

Guided tour of the herb garden with degustation:

15,00 € / person (2 hours)
30,00 € / person (3 hours)
50,00 € / person (4,5 hours)


Butul2 - square